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TV/Airings to Audience/Airings

The iSpot API has additive properties so calling certain endpoints such as audience/airings will return both tv/airings and impression level data. 

TV/airings will return airing level information such as time, spot, network with the only metric being spend. However Audience/airings will return all airings with spend AND impressions

Audience/Airings = TV/Airings + Impressions


Audience/Airings to Attention/Airings

Similarly, the Attention/Airing will return all of the audience/airings metrics (including tv/airings!) 

Attention/Airings = Audience/Airings + Attention Metrics 


Audience/Airings to Conversion/Airings

conversionsTC-XXX-X/airings = Audience/Airings + conversion metrics



All of the examples above are using airings but you can replace them with spots or networks for less granularity