Spot Metadata and Download Endpoints

API updates and articles

Spot Metadata 

The below API call will return metadata for all creative/spots in the date range. iSpot ads have a child and parent relationship where the child (creative) is a slight variation of the parent (spot). If there is no child, the creative and the spot will have the same id.[start_date]=2021-09-21&include=children,airing_parent_summary,airing_summary,type,events,products,parent,brand&filter[end_date]=2023-06-30&page[size]=10000

Once you have a full list of Spots, you can download the spots in an MP4 format. The id accepts both child and parents ads. 

API call below can be used to map brand from spot and industries.,parent&page[size]=10000

API call below can be used to add product categories to the product ids.,industry,product 


Restrictions on Ad Downloads

  • For accounts with global access, aka access to all brands, only ads that have airings in the last 7 days can be downloaded
  • Only National and Regional ads can be downloaded.
  • Local ads for National brands can also be downloaded